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4 Things to Know About

1: Sourcing

When people learn about supply chain management they later learn about sourcing. Sourcing in its base form, is finding a source of supply. It becomes more complicated depending on the product, geographical region, cost, platform, the list goes on and on. steps in with our network of professionals to manage your projects and solve your problems.

2: Containers 2020

Containers 2020 is an initiative to further bolster opportunities between the US Diaspora and The ECOWAS. On the heel of Ghana’s Year of Return, a huge success. We were pleased to see that it has not only been extended but adopted by many other African nations. The estimated value over the next 50 years is conservatively estimated in the trillions (USD). We have decided to also continue and will be offering our business services.

Containers 2020 in its simplest form is an initiative to see how many ocean containers we can bring in under our management for entrepreneurs of all levels. We offer a database of manufacturers, distributors, transportation professionals and more! As a network, we leverage economies of scale and share purchasing information to foster business between groups.

3: Seminars keeps you informed about business seminars sponsored by our experts.

  • Manufacturing Business

  • Outsourcing

  • Strategic Sourcing

  • Procurement

  • Vendor Management

  • Category Management

  • Product Development

  • Forecasting and Analysis

  • Demand Planning

  • Ecommerce and Branding

4: Imports and Exports

We have over a decade of experience across the continents. Our expertise allows us to work

across industries. Send your inquiry today!

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