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Modern Group Economics: Containers 2020 and Beyond

2020 has been challenging for status quo operations for sure. However, for underdogs and essential services, their seems to be a boom. As we see such these trends across the business landscape we must also ask what does this mean for individual groups, countries, and persons.

Americans specifically, and North Americans in general are shifting their focus from China to places closer to home. North American countries are increasing their cross border trade. However, a unique opportunity exists for one group that is rediscovering their ethnic, genetic, and commercial relationships.

The American Black diaspora is easily the most well known and visible group of African diasporans. Now, more than ever the Diaspora and West Africa in particular are developing very interesting partnerships and reciprocity. This reciprocity, inspired us to continue our commitment with Containers 2020 launched on the heels of 2020 The Year of Return Ghana.

The container we reference is a shipping container: 20ft Containers and 40ft Containers are standard. "Shipping containers" as a concept, are known all too well by supply chain professional. We live and die by the container in many ways. It's only the supply chain folk, often unseen, managing moment by moment. Inside them, the spoils of the world. The manifestation of the profits of tech.

A new supply chain is strengthening and the world is watching. West Africa and the Americas. This new development flips many traditional demand patterns on their heads. After all, there are ports, well known water ways, and people eager to do business with one another on both sides of the Ocean. has a host of projects. Containers 2020 and Beyond is uniquely West African / Americas focused. For example, just as I am writing this I can think of project categories such as, Agriculture, Food, Retail, Hospitality, Gaming, Media, Culture, Art, and Training/Education just to give you an idea!

Imagine, you wake up. From your phone you see that you have notifications. You have sold $4000 in goods before 9 am. The customers all from Senegal, where you just recently launched a new pair of headphones that you also sell there in convenience stores and stop and shops.

Domestically, you get a notification and see that the auto parts you were exporting to Ghana are ready to go to port. Meanwhile, your shipment of African herbs, and West African sauces are arriving to the USA tomorrow. Life is good.

Now that you know what items are arriving soon in the US, you schedule a meeting with your supply chain manger to manage the retail inventory path and the online/warehoused inventory path.

Our firm is building this reality. Join us!

Containers 2020 and Beyond in a nutshell is counting the number of ocean containers we can import or export in 2020 and 2021 between the Americas and West Africa.

It is our job to flesh out the opportunities up and down the supply chain for people to take advantage of and there are lots of opportunities. Whether you become a components retailer, offer manufacturing services, transportation, marketing, sales, storage, distribution, finance, food, agriculture, training, and more.

All in all, welcomes you to participate in Containers 2020 and Beyond. Please inquire about your own projects, ask what we are working on based on geographical location, budget, skill set, or industry.


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