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Search Millions made from Deodorant! Profit Data and Opportunity Registry Included.

For years people have been hearing that deodorant is not healthy. However, large brands finally lost enough market share to listen and make healthier deodorants that would allow them to reach customers with higher demands.

On the heels of the Johnson and Johnson baby powder being linked to cancer. Many people are quite concerned about deodorant and the aluminum specifically effects the body.

This gave rise to a powerful opportunity to enter the market. However, there is still time.

Please see the data below to see online sales and profit from one single online platform for a moderately priced aluminum free deodorant

Price: $11.97

Avg. Daily Rank: 74

Avg. Daily Sales: 1,894

Avg. Daily Rev.: $22,671.18

Avg. Monthly Rev.: $680,135.40

Avg. Monthly Sales: 56,820

We have decided to launch this product type as a group initiative. If you are interested in this please email us. We will follow up and send you more information.

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